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Photo of Mike Shafley Mike Shafley  (Bass Guitars and Vocals )
I've sang and played bass in numerous groups since 1987. I lean towards James Jamerson (Motown), Dee Murray (Elton John) and Mel Schacher (Grand Funk) grooves. My main axe is a Fender 5-string Jazz bass played thru G-K and Ampeg amps. (The blue MSB guitar logo was scribbled after my signature for many years.)

Photo of Steve Coscarelli Steve Coscarelli  (Guitars and Vocals)
Steve has been playing guitar for over 30 years. From 1995-1998 he played around Michigan in the acoustic duo "No Outlet". After an 8 year break to raise a young family, he was ready to start gigging again. His main influences include Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Santana, Black Sabbath and Mozart. Steve plays a Fender Stratocaster and is powered by a Roland VGA-7 modeling guitar amp.

Photo of Dan Fox (Lizard) Dan Fox (Lizard)  (Drums & Vocals)
Vocals and drums. Influences: from Anita Baker to Radiohead, from Al Jarreau to Chris Cornell, from TOTO to Tool, from Zeppelin to Turnpike Troubadors. The progression looked something like this: butter knives on any surface I could find, clarinet until I was 16 yrs old, triple toms at the request of the band director, drumset purchased, practice for 2 hours everyday before I would hang with my buddies, played with any musician/band I could and every time I could...and I pretty much still do. Started with MSB in 2006. WOW!! That's 10 years with Mike and Steve, most talented, most versatile band I have ever been in, and they are my friends!!!

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